RWS has built our reputation in dairy processing and we love it! From simple HTST processing to more complex UHT technologies for ESL and Aseptic applications, we design and supply the complete process for dairy applications… this includes yogurt, cheese, creamer, butter, ice cream, milk, flavored blends and everything else.


RWS has your entire processing solution covered for all types of beverages from raw ingredient management to filler bowl. These include flavored waters, single strength, high-acid and low-acid juices, plant-based beverages, sports drinks, smoothies, teas, coffees, energy drinks, and carbonated soft drinks.


Whether you’re a local craft brewer or a multi-national beer brand, we design, furnish and install complete automated brewing systems and a wide variety of equipment components such as wort coolers, flash pasteurizers, fermentation & storage tanks, and the automation and control to complete the processing solution.

Prepared Foods

Liquid foods are what whet our appetite. From salad dressings and pourable condiments, to gravies and sauces, to mayonnaise and salsa dips, we can meet your specific requirements with a wide variety of equipment and systems to optimize your processing capabilities.

Pet Foods

RWS satisfies the growing pet food market with innovative and cost savings processing, whether producing dry kibble, wet can foods, treats, snacks, and other animal feed. RWS systems are sanitary, seamless, safe and free from cross contamination.

Cosmetics and Personal Care

Clean, reliable, safe processes are required as customer demands grow for more free-from claims, and RWS offers processing solutions that allow you to produce the cleanest manufactured products. From mouthwash, face creams, lotions, oils, hair care products, makeup to antacids, cough syrups, OTC formulations and the like, RWS can design, furnish and install the right process for your requirements.

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