Job DutiesAnalyzes business methods and finds efficient alternatives. Responsible for evaluating existing processes and configuring manufacturing systems to reduce cost, improve sustainability and develop best practices within the production process.  Duties: maintain reliable and safe manufacturing systems while improving production rates, efficiencies, yields, costs, and changeovers; develop innovative solutions; improve process capability and production volume while maintaining and improving quality standards; collect, record, and transcribe data; show results in reports; develop and implement systems that optimize all phases of production process; research and purchase new manufacturing technology.  50% domestic travel.
Minimum Requirements

●  Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering

●  Permanent U.S. work authorization

Work conditionsFull time, 40 hours per week
Location13979 Willowbrook Road, Roscoe, IL 61073
Direct Inquiries toRWS Design and Controls, Inc., 13979 Willowbrook Road, Roscoe, IL 61073 Attn: Rhonda McDonald, HR Mgr.